Rohaiza Binti Azemi

Tun Abdul Razak School of Government (TARSOG)

Rohaiza Binti Azemi proves that choosing Economics isn’t just about passion for analysis. Her decision to choose Economics was also a strategic decision. The field gave her career flexibility to join literally many different industries such as banking, finance, government and business.

Obviously on a trajectory for success, this International Trade major, has exhibited not just leadership skills but skills in strategic thinking, teamwork, communications and analytical thinking. Rohaiza has successfully organised events or delivered on her executive council roles in university clubs. She has volunteered at the Kechara Soup Kitchen Charity Event as their Director demonstrating that leadership goes beyond age and Experience. Currently working as a Protégé for Hong Leong Bank Berhad’s GALCO (Assets and Liabilities Management), Rohaiza has interned at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) writing research highlights and scoping reviews for researches conducted for the Ministry of Health. Rohaiza graduates with a CGPA of 3.91 and receives her First Class Honours degree from the Tun Abdul Razak School of Governance. 

I certainly had fun outside university too.
UNIRAZAK is near to many KL City attractions,
and I wouldn’t want to miss experiencing them.

I certainly had fun outside university too.
UNIRAZAK is near to many KL City attractions,
and I wouldn’t want to miss experiencing them.

How does it feel to receive the Chancellor Award?

It’s beyond my expectation to be honoured with this award. I’m deeply grateful to receive this. All the hardwork and efforts that I put throughout my journey as an undergraduate finally paid off. I couldn’t  thank my lecturers, family and friends enough for making my dream come true.

It has been two years since the pandemic hit us, can you share some of the challenges you went through then and now, in the new normal.

Attending online class during my final year is not as easy as I thought. Facing never ending assignments, projects and tests was really stressful. Although I faced this most difficult condition in the past academic year, my lecturers and the support staff had made my transition to online learning smoother.

What was your favourite part about studying at UNIRAZAK?

I love the inclusive learning environment UNIRAZAK provides, where students and lecturers are able to interact closely in everyday class, making sure no one is left out and learning needs are always met. Be it physical or online class, the lecturers never fail to make students feel supported, heard and valued. Another best part is, my friends and I had our fun while studying at UNIRAZAK and we were able to create lifetime memories as students. It’s the little things actually, like watching Netflix and playing table football at Level 10, sleeping on the bean bag in the library, short after-class catch up at Surau, and café lunches.

Which instructor(s) influenced you most?

I remember every lecturer I have learnt with – throughout foundation and degree. I’d love for them to know that each has their own uniqueness and had some influence on my life. If I can name a few, Professor Dr. Siri Roland Xavier, who taught me International Business, he may not know it but the way he conducted class was eye-opening. I love how a class can be very laid-back, but still able to provide a quality and effective learning experience for students. It made me learnt that when a process is enjoyable, it creates motivation and helps students remember what was taught better.

Associate Professor Dr. Omaima, who taught most of my programme’s core courses. Dr. Omaima has always believed in my potential, acting as the source of my confidence and determination. I aspire to be an amazing person as Prof - competent, experienced, and knowledgeable but always staying humble. Each class with Prof was engaging, meaningful and informative. The positive learning experience she provided has contributed so much to the person I am today, and who I will become in the future.







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