Historically, the mace is a symbol of authority dating from medieval times when knights carried them during processions with their kings. As the tradition grew, the mace became a ceremonial symbol of peaceful leadership, and maces were embellished with jewels and metals. Today, a university’s mace is carried before the president or chancellor and platform-party dignitaries during commencements, inaugurals and other academic ceremonial processions.

The Torch, The Chalice, The Logo & The Shaft

The Torch

THE TORCH engraved on the top end of the mace, adapted from the logo of UNIRAZAK, symbolises the ultimate role of the University as a beacon of light that spreads knowledge throughout the national, regional and global communities. The five facets of the mace symbolise the five pillars of the ‘Rukun Negara’ or National Commandments which are constantly upheld under any circumstances. The name of the University is engraved around the base of the torch in Roman script, signifying the unity of the whole university community. 

The Chalice

THE CHALICE portrays the main function of the university in pursuing knowledge. The name of the university engraved in Jawi script represents determination and faith which are the basic and fundamental thrusts of university education. 

The motifs of gold thread ‘songket’ at the lower part of the chalice express the university’s aspiration to continue its knowledge dissemination while upholding Malaysian traditional values. 

The Logo

THE LOGO of the university which is surrounded by carvings of Malaysia’s official national flower, the Hibiscus, signifies the philosophy of the University and the dynamism of the various academic programmes offered.

The Shaft

THE SHAFT symbolizes the readiness to contribute knowledge and expertise for the advancement and development of the people and the nation. 

The Qur’anic verses from the Surah Al-Mujadalah (58:11) and Az-Zumar (39:9) contain the call for courage in seeking knowledge and upholding the truth, which reminds us of our unending responsibility to nurture, protect and celebrate academic achievement among students, faculty and staff. The ‘Pending’ or Malay belt buckle depicts energy, power and ability in producing dynamic scholars who are pragmatic, creative and innovative to contribute towards the advancement of Malaysian society and the country.

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